Clarissa has a wonderful intuitive way of working. A session with her will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as she treats you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I have been seeing Clarissa regularly for over a year and after every session I feel both incredibly relaxed and energized. Over the past year, Clarissa has been an incredible support and has helped me work through my energetic blocks and transform my life. Clarissa is warm, compassionate and truly gifted – I feel very grateful to have found her! I highly recommend Clarissa – she is truly one of a kind“!!

I first went to see Clarissa in June 2016. Though I had no real idea what CST was I was willing to give it a try as I was feeling discombobulated and was looking for emotional balance. She immediately made me feel at ease and explained what CST was, its benefits and what she would be doing in the course of the session.

I’ve been having CST for some time now and can honestly say it’s taken me on a hugely positive and transformative journey. It’s been a healing process (which came as a surprise) and I’m much more in-tune with my self, both physically and emotionally.

I’m very grateful to be having this therapy and would recommend Clarissa in a heartbeat.”

~Nicole Denny

I`ve been visiting Clarissa for sessions for a long time now, I love it … 
The sessions have really helped me with my feet and legs, aswell as realigning everywhere else. If you need to get yourself sorted, get yourself to Clarissa… I can highly recommend her. She’s wonderful & lovely.
~BiLLy iDLe

Clarissa is such a gifted therapist! It’s so difficult to put into words what the benefits are as it is so varied each time but one thing I know for sure is that each time I go and I’m caught up in my head the session allows me to reconnect with with my intuition through my body. Although I have understood intellectually that the body can provide you answers, the sessions with Clarissa have allowed me to experience this first hand!  I would highly recommend a session with Clarissa for anything…..its pretty magical!
~Hannah X

“Clarissa is one of the most professional and powerful healers I have had a treatment from , she has a touch that gently allows you to completely rebalance your mind body and spirit and know that you are in very safe hands , my mind and body has healed so much in so many different ways every time I have had  a treatment with her , you know just by meeting her that she is unique and very special , warm and kind hearted and wants the very best for you when holding that healing space for you to heal it’s like feeling very loved with what energy you feel comes into your body it’s unbelievable ! I would highly recommend her she is wonderful !! 
She is definitely an angel out here to help people spiritually , emotionally and physically”.
~Jaime Coombes

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