What My Clients Say


Clarissa has a wonderful intuitive way of working. A session with her will leave you feeling completely rebalanced as she treats you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I have been seeing Clarissa regularly for over a year and after every session I feel both incredibly relaxed and energized. Over the past year, Clarissa has been an incredible support and has helped me work through my energetic blocks and transform my life. Clarissa is warm, compassionate and truly gifted – I feel very grateful to have found her! I highly recommend Clarissa – she is truly one of a kind“!!

I first went to see Clarissa in June 2016. Though I had no real idea what CST was I was willing to give it a try as I was feeling discombobulated and was looking for emotional balance. She immediately made me feel at ease and explained what CST was, its benefits and what she would be doing in the course of the session.

I’ve been having CST for some time now and can honestly say it’s taken me on a hugely positive and transformative journey. It’s been a healing process (which came as a surprise) and I’m much more in-tune with my self, both physically and emotionally.

I’m very grateful to be having this therapy and would recommend Clarissa in a heartbeat.”

~Nicole Denny

I`ve been visiting Clarissa for sessions for a long time now, I love it … 
The sessions have really helped me with my feet and legs, aswell as realigning everywhere else. If you need to get yourself sorted, get yourself to Clarissa… I can highly recommend her. She’s wonderful & lovely.
~BiLLy iDLe

Clarissa is such a gifted therapist! It’s so difficult to put into words what the benefits are as it is so varied each time but one thing I know for sure is that each time I go and I’m caught up in my head the session allows me to reconnect with with my intuition through my body. Although I have understood intellectually that the body can provide you answers, the sessions with Clarissa have allowed me to experience this first hand!  I would highly recommend a session with Clarissa for anything…..its pretty magical!
~Hannah X

“Clarissa is one of the most professional and powerful healers I have had a treatment from , she has a touch that gently allows you to completely rebalance your mind body and spirit and know that you are in very safe hands , my mind and body has healed so much in so many different ways every time I have had  a treatment with her , you know just by meeting her that she is unique and very special , warm and kind hearted and wants the very best for you when holding that healing space for you to heal it’s like feeling very loved with what energy you feel comes into your body it’s unbelievable ! I would highly recommend her she is wonderful!! 
She is definitely an angel out here to help people spiritually , emotionally and physically”
~Jaime Coombes

I have been having CST sessions with Clarissa for a while now and she has helped me both physically and emotionally, she has cured and helped my body with her healing energy. I highly recommend Clarissa she is an excellent healer and I always leave her sessions feeling exuberant and relaxed. She is a lovely, kind person and an amazing healer“.~Sammy Jane

For anybody in the London area who is looking for help with healing any physical or emotional conditions, or trying something new , I highly recommend visiting Clarissa Millar .
Clarissa is an amazingly talented Craniosacral Therapist. 
I have had regulary sessions over the last year with Clarissa and I always leave feeling incredible and the benefits of our sessions last for days afterwards.
Cranial works on many different levels in your body and is very individual to each person. I had never even known about Cranio before but I love it now! I am so relaxed it our sessions now that I often fall asleep. Her sessions are also a time for you to relax and escape from the day to day stresses of life.
Clarissa has helped me to heal physical conditions and emotional issues over our sessions. Get in touch with Clarissa , you won’t regret it. Thank you for everything Clarissa“.
~Tia P

One of the most gentle loving people I know and it reflects in her work.
She created a safe gentle space where I felt safe enough to release a long held belief which was affecting my everyday life. Eternally grateful and look forward to working with her again“~ Chantel Smith

Clarissa is an amazing Craniosacral Therapist and I would highly recommend her. She knew exactly where my body needed attention without me saying anything beforehand. During the session I felt I was enveloped in a cocoon of deep healing.She shared some of what she experienced during the healing session and I was in awe and quite touched by it. The session was so deep and intense that when I got home I had something to eat and felt compelled to sit on the sofa where I fell immediately asleep but with a sense that the session was continuing for a while longer. I am grateful for your gift and hope more people get to experience it. Thank you Clarissa“!~ Pelagia Pais 

This is one of the few treatments that drops me down into deep theta. My mind is usually overactive & i get to feel a rare hour of pure bliss with Clarissa. I aim to experience her sessions once a month, & i highly recommend her amazing treatment. 
Clarissa has also managed to pin point areas of tension in my energy field & works towards realigning my body & mind. 
Can’t wait for the next one“!
~ Cherabelle S.

“Clarissa creates a beautiful, gentle and calming setting for your Craniosacral Therapy session. I felt energetic layers lift and shift whilst I travelled deeply during the therapy. I was connecting with the angels and guides receiving messages that totally resonated with me, I always felt completely safe and held and it was very healing and deep. Clarissa is kind, compassionate, humble and incredibly powerful and gifted. I highly recommend her. I will definitely book another session with Clarissa” 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻~Gilly B

“I thank my lucky stars I discovered Clarissa. She is more than an exceptional craniosacral therapist. She has the ability to bring your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation and to promote levels of healing and recovery in a single session that sometimes seem impossible.

She also has incredible insight and empathy, which can help reset your mind entirely if you’re feeling tense or lacking energy. Recently, I had been suffering with a stomach condition and back pain that had lasted a week, and the pain disappeared after a single session in which i felt more deeply relaxed than I ever have (and I’m someone who regularly meditates and practices yoga). I can’t recommend her more highly”.~ David L

“My time with Clarissa can only be described like that rainbow you see after the weather of rain and sunshine together! Her gentle spirit and beautiful calming space she creates, allowed my body to feel safe enough to speak up with my trapped emotions that needed to be released. I was amazed with what my body presented throughout the treatment and can honestly say it is the most beautiful experience. We hold on to past trauma not even realising how it effects our everyday life and choices. Clarissa can offer you a chance to let go in a very gentle and authentic way. Her presence, skills and professional manner opened up a love I needed for myself. I see our paths crossing as a true blessing and would highly recommend her. She is beautiful inside and out and I look forward to my next treatment with her”. ~ Angela Grealish

“Oh my goodness Clarissa is truly one of a kind, her ability to tune into the bodies system and work with all different layers of energetics to bring balance and peace is just such a gift. Her natural skill to tune in on a deep level to the subtle workings of the subconscious to help clear and reconfigure a healthier mind body and spirit is just awesome. Thank you so much for everything, really” 😊 ~ Jessica Williams

“I highly recommend Clarissa Millar as a practitioner and feel very fortunate to have a found her and engaged in this very effective and powerful treatment. I didn’t know what to expect when I first visited but realised that sessions focused on areas of key importance all of which were guided and supported by Clarissa. Clarissa always creates a calm, safe and containing space enabling me to identify and work through areas, bringing significant health benefits. I would highly recommend”. ~ Nesha Kelly

“I have been seeing Clarissa every fortnight for about 6 months. I can honestly say this lady is AMAZING. I’m dealing with a lot of trauma from my childhood as well as some physical health issues. She has made a world if difference. Many of my friends have noticed a difference in my attitude & demeanour. I cannot recommend her highly enough”.~ jublino travis

“Clarissa is a highly intuitive practitioner. The Cranio sessions I have had with her have been physically emotionally and spiritually healing. She has the capacity to take the treatment to a whole different dimension”.~ Lynn Palmer

“Clarissa is an outstanding and gifted Craniosacral therapist. Seeing that she works on a highly intuitive level, she is both powerful and gentle. I believe every session with her is unique and worth it. I had a wonderful experience whereby she helped me move from 6 years of pain and earthly hell to Light, helping me birth myself spiritually and rid of years of unwanted gunk and heavy energies. By the end of the session, I felt reborn and safe for the first time in many years. Wonderful! It was a deep and magnificent transformation. Everything she did was perfectly intuitively felt, guided and fine tuned. Professionally and communicationally, she knows exactly what she’s doing in making sure that you are comfortable by telling you everything you need to know in advance and taking things at an organic, intuitive pace while talking you through everything that occurs or arises in the moment, so that you feel ‘with it’ at all times. Such a graceful and amazing practitioner. Well worth a visit if you feel you need support with anything at all. You will receive what you need on a deeper level in a way that is personally right for you. 🧡”~Fenn Elevera

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