A clients story

How Craniosacral Therapy has impacted one of my clients.

A story from their perspective.


I love to hear feedback from clients as this helps me understand what their needs are and provides me with a clearer understanding on how we can work together to gain future outcomes and goals.

Below is a small summary of how one of my clients (shared with permission) found out how an unknown healing modality known as Craniosacral Therapy supported them in a way they never knew was possible.

“I began seeing Clarissa in 2016 as part of her case study. Emotionally I felt discombobulated. I had just come out of a break-up and from that experience old emotions were coming to the surface. Old wounds that I’d either buried or didn’t know were there in the first place. The tools I thought I had in my ‘tool kit’ were not working. I was open to trying something new. I had no idea what Craniosacral Therapy (CST) was but was advised it could aid with healing.

After meeting with Clarissa and discussing what CST was and its possible healing aspects I agreed to undertake eight consecutive sessions on a weekly/fortnightly basis. On reflection I can see now how having those regular sessions aided my healing to unravel at its own pace -it requires consistency. After each session if I encountered anything physically or emotionally, I would email Clarissa. I’m really glad I did as its now shown me how far I’ve come. CST was a real journey for me!

At the time I regularly practiced yoga and meditation and quickly realised that if I practiced after a CST session with meditation I had very deep insights about myself while yoga concentrated on my emotions. Physically I would feel lighter in my being. My yoga postures were deeper, asanas lengthened and my balancing postures were more grounded. It was as though my body was expanding/lengthening and also releasing tension. I definitely felt more connected to everything around me (and myself).

The tougher side for me were the old wounds coming to the surface. I’m convinced CST helped me process and release these wounds. It helped me gain an understanding of myself I never knew was possible.

I still continue to have CST as its had such a positive impact on my life.

Thank you Clarissa for the work you continue to do with me. Thank you for your kindness and thank you for introducing me to CST”. 

Self reflection during any kind of healing modality is so important not just for the client but for the practitioner as well. These reflections can arise at any time often offering deeper insights along the way as we can sometimes forget how far we’ve come!

Craniosacral Therapy is still relatively unknown. Many people do not understand what it is or how it works – I guess partly that doesn’t matter. What matters is the persons’ body feels listened to and heard. Layers of stress, trauma or physical pain can start to unwind, realign and dissolve from the cellular memory and work its way towards health and vitality.

If you’re unsure what Craniosacral Therapy is or how it can work for you

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