Working with children and young people

A Craniosacral approach to working with young people



Working with children and young teenagers offers their system a holding space to work through a number of different expressions that have been held in their bodies. In my observation I often find we can tap into the birthing experience where space is offered and the cranial bones as well as other parts of the body are able to expand and release. The reason I refer to the birthing experience is because this is a common theme with young people that often comes up during a session. There are many other expressions, releases and realignments that take place, however as stated; from my personal experience this is something that often shows itself as a priority during sessions with younger people (although this is also something that can come up for individuals at any age).

Most people do not remember their birthing experience and there is an obvious reason for this. Traumatic and painful would no doubt be top of the list as well as fear of the transition and so on. However just because we do not remember our birth does not mean that the experience has not stayed with us in some way shape or form. The effect and impact can often be unknown, however the cellular memory is held in the physical body and the emotional impacts are held in the field (our emotional body).

Working with young people is a great way to offer release of these forming patterns often developed during the birthing experience. Working on the bones in the skull, spine, pelvis and other areas can support the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system which can then be normalised. This removes “blockages” from the normal flow, enhancing and enabling the body’s ability to heal. Compression can also be alleviated and symptoms such as anxiety, headaches, recurrent ear infections or colic in infants as well as difficulty sleeping can be relieved.

Our teenage years are often filled with an enormous amount of change such as; hormonal changes, change of schools, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends and general social pressures. These can manifest often in symptoms such as anxiety, loneliness, depression and so on. Craniosacral therapy offers a safe space for the individual to move into a deeper state of relaxations and inner tranquillity allowing the bodies’ system to recognise these deeper inner states of peace and thus offering an inner resource that can be accessed at other times. Craniosacral therapy offers the body a form of listening by the practitioner in a way that does not require verbal expression which a lot of young people do not particularly want to do nor often know how to.

Craniosacral therapy is one method that could greatly support your child to release inner tension or trauma in a safe and supported way. 

A little video explaining in brief what Craniosacral Therapy is and how it can support the physical and emotional body of the person being treated.



Start 2018 looking after yourself!


-Have the 6th session on me. Book the first session before the 31st of January 2018 to receive the free offer.

I would like to start the new year with an offering for those who are feeling inspired to put themselves first-book five sessions and receive the sixth session free. I have always been someone who would put others first and often found my own needs were way down the line. I do believe that being one of life’s givers can carry an element of avoidance for your own needs, or self-worth (for whatever reasons that may be!!). There came a realisation that I would  often end  up feeling depleted or burnt out and that if I didn’t start looking after myself and putting myself first then I would be no good to anyone else!! sounds simple, however; how many of us listen to our own advice!

It has been many years since I have changed my previous patterns and I have never look back, no more need for fixing others, no need to worry how others will cope without my support, no more feeling burnt out or even worse, resentful.

Therefore I would like to honour those of you who are also willing to take the transition into self love and self care; this does not mean you are being selfish it means you are recognising your own self-worth and the importance of making sure you have enough inner resources to be able to be there for others and not feel any other emotion when doing so other than love.