The Emotional Body

mark-daynes-34970There is an energy field round each of us that holds information, much of this information is what I would call -held in the emotional or energy field of an individual. It expresses itself through the physical body in unique ways to each individual. The emotional body and the physical body work together, often without the conscious awareness of the individual. The very nature of the work I do provides a platform for expression between the two. The beauty behind this conversation is a privilege to be part of. Our emotions are often complex and layered by life experiences, disappointments, regrets, childhood, relationships and so on, these emotions are held in our energy field and can start to manifest in multiple ways.

Through craniosacral therapy I am able to listen to the body along with the emotions and hear the two have their own conversation.There is often a link between what I would call suppressed emotional needs and where this is showing up in the physical body. By having an open dialog with my client we can often identify the link an this allows them to start to process an release or discharge the held emotions of inertia held on a cellular level. In Peter A. Levine’s book titled `Waking the Tiger` he states “The key to healing traumatic symptoms in humans is in our physiology” He goes on to say ” its about energy-Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the triggering event itself. They stem from frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved or discharged;this residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits”.

Start 2018 looking after yourself!


-Have the 6th session on me. Book the first session before the 31st of January 2018 to receive the free offer.

I would like to start the new year with an offering for those who are feeling inspired to put themselves first-book five sessions and receive the sixth session free. I have always been someone who would put others first and often found my own needs were way down the line. I do believe that being one of life’s givers can carry an element of avoidance for your own needs, or self-worth (for whatever reasons that may be!!). There came a realisation that I would  often end  up feeling depleted or burnt out and that if I didn’t start looking after myself and putting myself first then I would be no good to anyone else!! sounds simple, however; how many of us listen to our own advice!

It has been many years since I have changed my previous patterns and I have never look back, no more need for fixing others, no need to worry how others will cope without my support, no more feeling burnt out or even worse, resentful.

Therefore I would like to honour those of you who are also willing to take the transition into self love and self care; this does not mean you are being selfish it means you are recognising your own self-worth and the importance of making sure you have enough inner resources to be able to be there for others and not feel any other emotion when doing so other than love.


Working with babies, mothers and pregnancy; therapeutic touch.

What is Craniosacral therapy (CST) and how can it support working with babies, mothers and pregnancy. CST is a nurturing and calming approach to healthcare, the treatment process is gentle and supportive to the physical and emotional needs of the individual.  CST can be beneficial for babies in a number of ways such as babies who do not open their mouths widely enough to latch on effectively or “arching or hypertonic.” These types of babies can be  difficult to nurse which can impact the mother and in turn family dynamics.

freestocks-org-71789Due to this topic being such a vast subject I will be looking at some of the basic points on how CST can support babies mothers and pregnancy. During pregnancy the woman’s body undergoes huge changes, internally as well as externally.  The nervous system coordinates hormonal activity and stress/anxiety can inhibit endocrine functions. Cortisol levels can rise which can impact the baby therefore working with the autonomic nervous system (which is a control system that acts to regulate the bodily functions such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate and so on) can support the expectant mother to move more towards the Parasympathetic nervous system which serves to slow the heart rate, increase intestinal and glandular activity, and relax the sphincter muscles, all good for the baby. CST work can be effective and supportive in a number of ways such as in minor pregnancy ailments like back pain balancing effects on nervous and hormonal systems thus offering support for both mother and baby and preparing for birth.

The birthing experience (which is a highly empowering experience) can also be quite traumatic for mother and baby if things don’t go to plan. These traumas can be held in the body causing various stresses and strains. The baby is very much linked to the mother and if the mother is stressed through lack of sleep or still processing the birth the baby can FEEL this and respond. Once the baby is born CST can support establishing and supporting breastfeeding, developing good sleep patterns, early infant feeding problems including colic, reflux and allergies.

baby-20339_1280Working with babies and mothers (and dads as well as extended family members if applicable) is a wonderful way to support the unique bonding experience of family dynamics. If you are a parent then you will understand the complexities involved through out the pregnancy not just for the mother but also the relationship of the expectant parents and any other children in the household. Overall Craniosacral therapy offers a safe therapeutic light touch supporting the overall health of expectant mothers and babies, raising vitality and enabling the body’s own self-healing process to be utilised.

Here is a link I came across with more useful information about Craniosacral Therapy for babies and mothers click here



The power of touch



As Craniosacral Therapists, the use of light touch through our hands is what enables us to feel and sense specific rhythms, blockage or ebbs and flows within a client’s system. However I personally believe we all have the ability to tap into our healing nature through our intention to offer another love and acceptance. We do this on a daily basis without often thinking about how important touch is for us as sentient beings. i.e a handshake: There is an exchange of energy in that brief moment, there is also usually eye contact that connects us making the experience not only physical  but visual too. Have you ever noticed on those rare occasions when the handshake goes on that little bit longer than usual and eye connect doesn’t seem to break! This suggests to me that a there is a connection being made between the two individuals that makes them feel the connection, allows them to hold that space for a brief moment in time where they exchange a relational field of mutual connection. This is a little bit like Craniosacral Therapy in that there is a relational field built up through the two individuals where an exchange takes place in the comfort and safe environment of the practitioner and client relationship. Through light touch, a deeper sense of what is being held in the client system can be felt and their system can direct the practitioner to where best to place their hands next. So next time you shake hands with someone try and feel the exchange that takes place,you may be surprised at what you sense.

Cranio tidal rhythms

The body is like the ocean, it has many tidal rhythms and hidden depths. It expresses itself in motions through our fluid bodies, tissue muscle, organs and bones etc. These elements within our bodies can become blocked or inhibited through various elements such as stress, trauma held in the body, toxins that we breath in or digest and so on. Just like the ocean we are vast and expressive beings, held in the ever changing current of life.  Craniosacral therapy offers the body space to move and express itself from within, seeking balance and harmony through stillness, this is when healing can take place. So when we are caught up in the turbulence of life and we are being thrown out of balance, crashing and twirling like a deep undercurrent, seek that inner stillness that lies at the core of our being just like at the bottom of the sea on the ocean bed. This is where health resides.

Namaste ❤