Inner Equilibrium

Through Consistency


Alternative Treatment to Healing

Clients often ask me how they can get the best out of their Craniosacral journey & how often they should come for therapy sessions; the answer to this is unique to each individual. I can ascertain a general idea from the initial consultation or case history, however it’s not until I lay my hands on you that I am able to listen in to how your body is choosing to express itself in each given session.

During your initial consultation we can discuss Block sessions or treatment plans. These are a wonderful investment for your future and present physical health and emotional well-being.  Regular Craniosacral sessions enables the consistency required to connect with  your own innate body wisdom through the process of gentle light touch that allows prioritised expression within.

We are complex beings and the deeper aspects of ourselves are often layered. The mind, body and spirit knows exactly how it needs to unfold. A slow and steady pace allows a safe and gentle space for you to move into the deeper aspects of certain somatic or deeply held physical elements.  Physical pain often masks repressed trauma or emotional pain, so although one session may well alleviate a physical symptom, these symptoms may keep manifesting if they are not gradually released on a cellular level.

In my professional experience, I have found that the best results take place within 6-8 weeks of weekly sessions*.  This gives time for your system to open up, relax and express what is being held within the physiological and anatomical elements of the body.  Tissue cells are able to breath and thus long held tensions can gradually be released. This can, and often does, start happening during the first session;  However, as mentioned the physical mental and emotional bodies are interlinked and it can take time through the unfolding process to ascertain where the core aspect may stem from and how your body creates coping mechanisms for holding stress 

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic approach; it is not generic as in one size fits all. It is client led, moving towards self healing through innate body wisdom. Each client’s system prioritises what it wants to work on in each session. Therefore a person may present with a lower back pain expecting me to go to that area; however their body may express to me that before I lay my hands on their lower back, it first wants me to hold space in the pelvic area. To reiterate, the root cause is sometimes not where the pain has manifested. Often these somatic elements manifest specifically to take us on a journey into the emotional field. However, this is obviously not the case for everyone.

As much as craniosacral is lovely for a one off session, in order to achieve optimum results, regular sessions offer a beautiful healing space enabling the body to move at it’s own pace towards inner equilibrium as we work through the myriad of coping mechanisms our bodies have accumulated over the years.

Look after your body and your body will look after you. Self love is a necessity for a positive healthy life.

*This may differ for pregnant women

Video below is from the Craniosacral Therapy Association.

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