Holistic Healing

With Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. A Holistic approach to working with the mind, body and spirit.

Just like the dream catcher represents catching our unwanted dreams our bodies capture our unwanted emotion, feelings, traumas and so on.


From my perspective Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is about listening to the persons system as a whole and negotiating a safe space for the clients system to express, release, realign and reconnect to their own inner resources through stillness.

BCST stems from osteopathy; it works with the body as a whole integrated system thus incorporating  primary respiration, cranial rhythmic impulses, the nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid, muscle tissues, held trauma and the cranial bones to mention just a few. This is in order to achieve a therapy that can resonate within our many deeper layers. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is commonly seen as the spiritual approach to craniosacral therapy.

BCST offers a listening tool for the body just like counselling does for the individual. I often have clients who are either in talking therapy or have been previously. I explain to them that although BCST is not a talking therapy it does however offer the whole body the opportunity to be heard, listened to and nurtured. This allows for it to express, release and discharge whatever it feels necessary in each given session; whether that be physical, emotional or a spiritual release prioritised by the individuals system in each session.

To some that is a real release as often they are not aware, or able to state what or how they are affected by certain experiences. Sometimes talking about specific issues or trauma can be a point of triggering them back into the traumatic experience creating a loop in the autonomic nervous system .

If there is a resonance that holds in the relational field between practitioner and client then other forms of expressions can start to open up and be experienced (it is worth noting here that it is important to always set boundaries). This does not have to be a verbal agreement as it is already known in the energy fields of each individual, although it is important to be mindful about offering such insights, not everyone will want to hear them let alone resonate with such elements; as each session varies depending on what the clients system chooses to prioritise.

In my personal experience, once the body feels safe enough to express itself to the practitioner then a whole new world can open up. This may not be inline with conventional Biodynamic Craniosacral training as there wasn’t much focus around energy centres & chakras let alone other realms/dimensions and so on. However, what I did notice during training was that those of us who were already aware of/involved in energy work were seeing, hearing or sensing things that were not part of the course criteria. This wasn’t something we went looking for – it just happened.

This is not taking away from conventional Craniosacral sessions, it is merely highlighting that there are many different levels and layers that a persons system can express itself and find ways to release certain held memory in other less conventional ways too.

As I mentioned earlier, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy stems from osteopathy, we work within the structures and physical anatomy of the body.

I have experienced sessions where the persons inner child has shown itself (in the biosphere) often by presenting themselves around the time their trauma/pain began. Sometimes they are able to let me know why this has happened, for example not feeling heard as a child. Thus what I have found in relation to working with a client is that their inner child is often waiting for a connection with their adult self. The inner child in us does not go away, they are often buried somewhere deep inside and are (when they are ready) only too happy to help guide us back to these lost/fragmented parts of ourselves. They often hold the key as to where and how healing wants to take place. Recognising aspects of our inner child is therefore healing in itself. I find people are often able to make sense of what their inner child has expressed and this can support them and their limbic system on their continued inner healing.

There is so much more that can happen during a Craniosacral session that is not part of the traditional  Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy modules. Clients often feel the presence in the room or experience a loving calm energy that envelopes them. I am aware that many other Craniosacral therapist that engage in other healing modalities such as Reiki, shamanism, energy work and so on are also experiencing other worldly elements during sessions. It is important to note here that this is not always the case and should not be expected or looked for: Craniosacral therapy is client led in that each session with a client is completely unique to them depending on what their system is able to express and what the practitioner is able to sense in the field. All practitioners work differently so its about finding the right practitioner for you.

I see my role as listening to what is held in my clients system and holding a safe space on what it wishes to express during the session. This is their story and I am holding a space for their holistic self to allow a deepening into stillness and to start to peel back the many layers so that their innate body wisdom can work towards self healing.

I think it is good to acknowledge that if you are working with a person within a holistic approach then it stands to reason that there is the potential to tap into deeply buried aspects of that person that have been held in on a cellular level. These are often linked to their emotions which also hold memory in the energy field hence the need to listen in a way that allows a safe healing release. When I do a cranio session I am open to using all my listening tools which include seeing, hearing and sensing beyond the five senses.

The body is truly wise and knows what it’s doing. Even in the midst of pain and trauma it will find a way to protect us and allow us to function, carrying on and to live another day.

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