The power of touch


As Craniosacral Therapists, the use of light touch through our hands is what enables us to feel and sense specific rhythms, blockage or ebbs and flows within a client’s system. However I personally believe we all have the ability to tap into our healing nature through our intention to offer another love and acceptance. We do this on a daily basis without often thinking about how important touch is for us as sentient beings. i.e a handshake: There is an exchange of energy in that brief moment, there is also usually eye contact that connects us making the experience not only physical  but visual too. Have you ever noticed on those rare occasions when the handshake goes on that little bit longer than usual and eye connect doesn’t seem to break! This suggests to me that a there is a connection being made between the two individuals that makes them feel the connection, allows them to hold that space for a brief moment in time where they exchange a relational field of mutual connection. This is a little bit like Craniosacral Therapy in that there is a relational field built up through the two individuals where an exchange takes place in the comfort and safe environment of the practitioner and client relationship. Through light touch, a deeper sense of what is being held in the client system can be felt and their system can direct the practitioner to where best to place their hands next. So next time you shake hands with someone try and feel the exchange that takes place,you may be surprised at what you sense.

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